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Restoration and Repair

Our master weaver and restoration expert, Ali, has over 45 years experience in Oriental Rug restoration and maintenance.


Perhaps your beautiful rug has sustained damage or simply is showing signs of wear and tear. King’s House Oriental Rugs is able to repair and restore the piece to its original beauty.

Our in house master weaver and restoration expert, Ali began mastering his craft as a child outside of Tehran (Iran). As a boy, Ali began to learn his art under the tutelage of his sister’s husband, an established master rug restorer. With over 45 years experience and having worked in countries around the world, Ali is the definitive expert that we are proud to work with in our showroom.


(above photo) This is Ali at work on an antique Heriz from 1920 that belongs to the shop. There were areas so low that the foundation was exposed. He is tying new knots to the foundation. It is amazing you cannot even tell the difference in the original and new. There were several areas that needed work, and it took about eight weeks to complete this 9×12 piece.

If your repair or restoration project requires more extensive work, we are able to send the piece to our weaveries in Central Anatolia, where we oversee your restoration project just as we would in our showroom. This is a cost efficient way to maximize the value of the museum quality restoration project.

We travel regularly to Turkey to hand select the wool that will be used both in the Central Anatolian weaveries and also in our showroom at the hands of Ali. Turkish wool is supreme to any other wool in the world, and the Turkish processes of washing, dyeing and spinning cannot be matched. These are the original techniques used in your antique rug, and we are able to match it completely whether you have a large restoration project or even a small area of a rug.

Much like the care devoted to our original commissioned pieces, we work closely with our artisans throughout the repair and restoration process so that when your rug is returned, the work is utterly seamless. Each restoration project’s end result is a museum quality restoration at the hands of King’s House.

Oriental Rug Restoration: A Before and After Story

This stunning 1890 Oushak was a rare find on a trip to Turkey several years ago. The color, pattern, size and age really caught my attention despite its extreme wear and tear. I was confident that a piece like this is a once in a lifetime find and that our master reweavers would have no problem restoring it to its former glory.  You can read more about this incredible project on our blog. 

If you would like to discuss a repair or restoration project, contact us.


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