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Meet Christin

What makes King’s House different from other rug sellers is that we work directly with our weavers in Central Anatolia. When I started designing rugs, I knew that I had to be able to work closely with the artisans making them. How can you create something so beautiful, so deeply infused with that history and craftsmanship without being there overseeing, learning and being a part of it? 

Of course there were the initial language and cultural barriers. So I taught myself Turkish, and I took my husband with me as an initial proxy in a culture where the business people were all men. They were so puzzled by me, this small American woman with a lot to say in Turkish! But we quickly built rapport, and after years of working together there is a deep respect between us.

I travel to Turkey to visit our Weaveries, to see rugs on the loom, to see the wool as it comes out of the dye baths, to check on our custom-commissioned pieces and to closely play a part in the finishing processes in the countryside: shearing, washing, sunning. Part of why we opened the Paris Atelier is to be closer to our Weavers, to be closer to the rugs, to be closer to the special projects that only we can create for our clients.


“Each rug has a story. Immersing yourself in the where, the who, and the why … I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.” – Christin

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