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“Oriental rugs retain their value over time- even with pets, children and heavy foot traffic,” professes Christin Terrell, King’s House owner & rug historian. “Proper cleaning and restoration ensures that your heirloom maintains its value for years to come.”

Oriental Rugs: Professional Cleaning and Restoration

Whether normal wear and tear or a greater offense from a pet or flood, your antique or modern Oriental rug will need to be professionally cleaned by an expert in Oriental rug care.

We recommend a routine cleaning every 1-3 years for general maintenance. A traditional cleaning helps to loosen and remove the dust that can build up and grind away at the fibers in the rug’s foundation, preventing unnecessary wear and tear. We also perform more specialized cleanings, like a low moisture process, full submersion cleaning and unique spot cleaning techniques to maintain the beauty and integrity of your rug. Never steam clean a rug. This strips the fiber of its natural oils and makes the once soft wool stiff and coarse.

Your Oriental carpet, whether antique or modern, is likely a family heirloom made with hand dyed fibers that are meticulously woven at a loom by incredible artists. At King’s House, our specialty rug cleaning process is tailored to suit the needs of each rug.

We begin this process with an assessment of the rug’s weave structure and dye history to execute the most effective and safe cleaning process. A 24 hour dye test is performed on each color and fiber on the rug to ensure the longevity of color and to avoid dye transfer.

Each cleaning includes pre-inspection, photographs, dusting, dye bleed test, decontamination bath (if applicable), pH controlled bath (if applicable), controlled atmosphere drying and post detailing. Find out more about our 7 step cleaning process, on the blog.

Read about how to properly care for your Oriental rug at home, on our blog.

Pricing is dictated by square foot and the attention required for each rug. Contact us for specific information on cleaning your Oriental rug and to schedule an appointment.

King’s House Oriental Rugs Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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