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Wool: The Process

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The Journey from Central Anatolia to your Living Room is not as easy as you may assume. Far more goes into it than shear a sheep, spin some wool, weave a rug. It’s a process that is far more involved and touches on techniques from antiquity!

We like to say that Turkish sheep are the happiest sheep in the world. Roaming the Turkish countryside at the trusty hands of their shepherd really does contribute to a happier and healthier sheep– and you can see it in the quality of the wool!

The Anatolian shepherds are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. Their sheep are part of their family and truly care for them with gentleness, protection and love.

Once the sheep are sheared, the wool is bagged and sent to the “Wool Guru,” on the outskirts of Usak.  He is a 3rd generation cleaner and dyer of Central Anatolian wool. The natural hot springs in his village created the opportunity for his grandfather to build his business well over a century ago. The hot springs allow for fast, inexpensive cleaning and dyeing with the heat and flowing water from the springs contributing to both operations.

Shepherds and weavers have been sending their wool to this area for centuries.

When the freshly shorn wool arrives in the village, it is immediately sorted by color before the cleaning process begins.

Cleaning the Wool

The wool is sent through ” the river” to be cleaned.  The local thermal hot springs are still used in the cleaning process. The wool is continually washed in six connected vats that get the wool cleaner and cleaner as it moves through each vat.


Drying the Wool

The cleaned wool is taken into the next room to dry.  It is placed on the floor for 24 hours before being moved into the next room to be placed into the “dryer,”  a room with a conveyor belt that carries the wool. Each strand of wool takes a 30 minute ride through the dryer. You can imagine what an arduous task this is.

The final step

The clean, dry wool is “dusted” one more time before being “packaged” for shipment. This Turkish wool is shipped all over the world, including China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, throughout Europe and, of course, to be used in the weaveries throughout Turkey.

The wool is hand spun by local weavers before the dyeing process and being sent to weaveries where it will be woven into a beautiful rug.

The below photo shows a beautiful Oushak we had in our shop over the summer (8.11×12.4′).  The rug is made of all natural wool.  No dyeing!! If you’re interested in an all natural wool rug, or our entire collection of handmade wool rugs, give us a call at 204-244-1933 or email us.


Next we’ll write about the dying process. Stay tuned!



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