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Rug Value: Antique vs New

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The value of an Oriental rug is determined like any other product, by supply and demand. Therefore, rugs that are appealing in both color and design, made using quality materials and craftsmanship, those that are made in a limited quantity or are one of a kind are going to have the most long term value.


Antique Persian Mahal c. 1900 11×17

Oriental rugs that were made before the 1920’s are thought by rug scholars to be more art forms of the weavers, while rugs produced after this point are thought to be made more to meet the demands of foreign markets, specifically, Europe and the United States. Antique rugs follow the same guidelines set above in determining their value.  With antique carpets you also have the caveat of age relative to condition that is also a major value factor. A rug does not have to be in perfect condition to have value but the better its condition, certainly the more valuable it can become in the future.

Sultanabad 11.6x12.4

Sultanabad 11.6×12.4

Today there are still beautiful,  one-of -a-kind rugs being woven in the same areas of the world that have produced the most desirable antique carpets.  Over the last decade, an Oriental rug renaissance has occurred in the art form of hand knotted rug weaving and dying.  These rugs we refer to as modern heirlooms.  They have been made with such attention to detail and quality materials like hand spun wool, vegetable dyes and authentic patterns that some of the finest examples can rival their antique ancestors.  Perhaps one day they will increase in value like their ancestors have over time when cared for properly.


Rug Details

ORIGIN: Turkey, Central Anatolia

MATERIALS: hand spun, vegetable dyed wool pile on a cotton foundation

COST: $14,000


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Traditional Sultananbad Pattern

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