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From the Inventory: Ağaç, The Beauty & Symbolism of a Vintage Oushak Rug

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We found this beautiful rug in a small Central Anatolian village on a sourcing trip last Summer. Ağaç means “tree” in Turkish, and the tree motif is apparent in the rug’s central design.

The branches represent the cypress tree, a symbol that is found in many older rugs from this region and connote the “tree of life.”

The eight pointed star is such a beautiful graphic emblem, representing life from birth to death. This eight pointed star motif dates back to the Middle Ages in Islamic Arts and really contributes to the poetic theme of this rug.

There is such vast symbolism used in Turkish rugs, both antique and modern. If you’re looking for something truly unique, fee free to contact us.

We have over 1500 rare antique rugs in our collection. If you are interested in one of these investment pieces, we are happy to send you pictures based on your needs and send special pieces out on approval.

Rug Details

ORIGIN: Central Anatolia, Vintage Oushak

DIMENSIONS: 3.11' x 9.1'

MATERIALS: Hand-knotted Turkish wool

COST: $3,500

AVAILABILITY: Available in our showroom

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