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Preserving the Beauty of an Oriental Rug for Generations: Why Professional Cleaning Matters

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Oriental rugs are valuable pieces of your family’s history, whether they’ve been passed down for generations or newly acquired. The reason these rugs can outlast the test of time lies in the proper care of each carpet. So many people are concerned that a rug from the 18th or 19th century cannot withstand the wear and tear of every day modern life: children, pets, heavy traffic.

The truth is that your modern life and your antique carpets can happily coexist with proper care and maintenance.

Here are three reasons to have your Oriental rug professionally cleaned:

1. Regular professional rug cleaning ensures the longevity of your rug and its value.

We recommend bringing in your rug every one to five years to have it professionally cleaned at King’s House to remove the build up of sediment, dust, dirt and other particles that accumulate over time, causing friction that breaks down the fibers of your rug.

Carpets that are in high traffic areas, like the living room, entryway and kitchen need to be cleaned once a year, including hallway runners.

For rugs that see less traffic, perhaps from the bedroom or dining room, we recommend you bring it in every three to five years, depending on your lifestyle and specific needs. You don’t realize how much dust and silt settle into the fibers. Without cleaning, the knots will wear out the fibers of the foundation over time, causing premature aging in the rug. This not only breaks down and compromises the integrity of the rug, but it also vastly decreases the value of your heirloom carpet.

2. It’s paramount to have your antique rug cleaned by certified professionals.

We at King’s House Oriental Rugs have a vast knowledge of the various types of rugs, weaves and appropriate methods of cleaning for each type of rug. Our specific knowledge allows us the opportunity to treat each rug individually.

The things we take into consideration include each rug’s individual construction, age, material and condition, as well as any specific issues as to why it’s in for a cleaning.

For example, if you have one of those amazing “washed out” vintage rugs, an improper cleaning can cause the wash to actually come off, forever altering the appearance of your rug. Steam cleaning is another big problem and major mistake in cleaning! The combination of heat and moisture will strip the natural oils out of the wool while damaging the fibers and changing the construction of the knots forever.

3. You love your children and pets, but…

This is our most common inquiry! There’s a common misperception that if you have children and/or pets, that you can’t have a quality rug.

The truth is, if you have a quality carpet and maintain it with regular cleaning, it will not only withstand every conceivable mess made by a child or pet, but it will last for generations.

Again, we want to stress that in these high traffic situations, it’s crucial to have a professional rug cleaning to remove the built up dust, dirt and sediment that collects from the feet and paws of your loved ones. And when it comes to the more unsavory types of messes, we have specialized cleaning methods to safely remove stains and odors and can also provide museum quality restoration when needed.

We are happy to offer free pickup and delivery services for clients in the Birmingham area with room sized rugs, or feel free to contact us to arrange your cleaning. If you’re located elsewhere in the United States or Europe, we welcome you to contact us to arrange shipping. The rug doesn’t have to come from King’s House and it doesn’t have to be “old” for a proper professional rug cleaning. If it’s a piece you love and intend to have around for a lifetime or more, now’s the time to get it cleaned. If you have maybe neglected this important factor in the past, we also offer a range of repair and restorations services performed by our in-house master weaver, Ali.



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