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From the Inventory: Mutlu, a Modern Turkish Oushak

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This rug was truly an experiment in breaking some of the traditional “rug rules.”  We took traditional stylized natural motifs and geometric elements and stretched them out on a larger solid background/field. There are medallions that aren’t medallions, floating rosettes, asymmetrical symmetry.

In addition to the design, the color palette was an experimentation. When we design a rug, we have to account for how the dyed wool will mellow under the sun and in the humidity. There is both expectation and an element of the unknown in creating this one.

Mutlu spent six weeks in the summertime Turkish sun. The colors started really deep: the turquoise was once a bright medium blue, the bluish grey was deep ink, the peachy tangerine was wildly saturated. And those many weeks under the sun, cycling through humidity and washes mellowed the colors while also softening the texture of the wool so much. It brings the color and texture together simultaneously.

And the end result? It’s better than we even imagined.

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