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From the Inventory: Doku, a Modern Turkish Tulu

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This modern Turkish tulu is powerful in its subtle abstraction and modernism, tempered by the historical methods by which it was created.

The subtle hues of the faintest blue and fleshy pinks and taupe were achieved using indigo and walnut shells (called Kabu), the original dye sources for ancient textiles.

Woven using hand-spun Turkish wool, this tulu has a natural sheen to it that is reminiscent of angora mohair. The texture feels Moroccan because of the high pile, but there’s a softness here that you just don’t see in the vintage Moroccans.

With a field of natural, undyed wool, this rug has been sunned in the Turkish countryside, becoming light and silky amidst the summer dew.

Doku’s abstract design is complemented perfectly by the naturally high pile of a tulu rug.



The most subtle shades of indigo and fleshy pink were created using indigo plants and walnut husks, followed by generous time sunning in the Central Anatolian countryside. The natural field is undyed, unbleached natural wool that has softened and achieved that mohair-like silkiness in the humidity.


Doku is one of our modern tulus, woven in one of our Central Anatolian Weaveries using historic methods, blending the past with the present and creating a truly modern heirloom.

Rug Details

ORIGIN: Central Anatolia

DIMENSIONS: 7.9 x 12.1'

MATERIALS: Hand-knotted, Hand-spun Turkish Wool, Vegetable Dyes

AVAILABILITY: This piece from our collection is sold. However, it is available for custom-commissioned projects. Please inquire for additional details.

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