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Featured Designer: Mark Kennamer

Posted in: Interior Design & Installations


Today we are interviewing our friend and colleague, Mark Kennamer, an Alabama native and interior designer extraordinaire.  Originally from North Alabama, Mark moved to Birmingham in 2000 and studied Interior Design at Southern Institute of Design.  We love his creativity and the sophistication of his work which is well suited to the practical aspects required by his clients’ needs.

Mark, we had a great time with you at the Nashville and Chicago Antiques shows this year.  We certainly appreciated your talent and our booths looked fantastic thanks to you!   This year you have just finished a fabulous booth for the Antiques in the Garden show.  (Mark was a Tastemaker at the show this year.)

Since we are interviewing a Tastemaker, I have to ask… What trends do you see in interior design this fall and how do they relate to Oriental rugs?

Mark: I have noticed people steering back into patterned and older rugs versus sea grass or other natural fibers.  For instance, the rug photographed here is made of wool and silk.  The texture and refined pattern adds another layer of sophistication to the room.  


We love seeing your finished projects because your work and clients are so diverse. We have seen you use everything from antique to modern rugs for your clients.  Actually, now that we think about it in your home too!

Q:  Do you personally have a favorite rug style?

Mark: I personally tend to gravitate to the soft colors and rich textures of the Oushaks.  Like the one I used in my booth for the antiques show.  It’s an antique Oushak that I was drawn to immediately in the shop.  I loved its richness with the deep grey background, soft tones in the borders and pattern.  I pulled deeper fabrics as accents and softer neutrals for the upholstered sofa in the vignette.  The theme was Southern Comfort and the Oushak was perfect in that rich setting.

Speaking of oushaks…we love this house that you did recently.  It is truly beautiful!  We are featuring the living room photo here below.

How do you prefer beginning new projects like this one for instance?

Mark: Every project is different, with this one we started with the rug. We loved it so much that it made it easy to pull the rest of the room together.  The result is a beautiful and comfortable living space for the home owners.


Photo Courtesy of Heather Durham Photography

Mark, thank you for your insights!

You can find Mark Kennamer Designs on Facebook and Pinterest or get in touch with him via email or phone (205) 413-6976.

If you’re interested in any of the Oushaks pictured, drop by our shop or make an appointment. We just brought back over 200 beautiful Oushaks from Central Anatolia. For a sampling, visit our photo gallery.

Here’s a few photos from Mark’s booth at the Antiques in the Garden show and our booths at the Chicago and Nashville Antiques shows:



Rug Details

ORIGIN: Turkey

DIMENSIONS: 12.5x16.4

MATERIALS: Hand Spun, Vegetable Dyed Wool Pile on a Wool Foundation

AVAILABILITY: This rug is one-of-a-kind. Please inquire if you are interested in finding a similar rug. We have many oushaks in our inventory!

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