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Country Living 2017 Lake House + King’s House Oriental Rugs

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The Country Living Team along with Style Director Page Mullins, did an outstanding job putting together the 2017 Country Living Lake House of the Year, and we’re honored that they selected rugs from King’s House to use throughout the space.  To read more about the project and design elements, read the article on Country’s Living’s website.

This year’s Country Living Lake House of the Year, is a collaboration with Nashville architect Jonathan Torode (Pfeffer Torode Architecture), builder Chad Calhoun (Classic Homes), and Russell Lands On Lake Martin, a high-end real estate developer.

The rug featured here in the kitchen is a vintage Oushak from Central Anatolia, circa 1940. This hand-woven rug captures an age-old tradition of design and craftsmanship. Measuring 4.11’x8.4,’ this rug is made using hand-spun, vegetable-dyed wool and is available for purchase ($3,200). Photo credit Brian Woodcock.

The home will be open to the public for tours from June 26 – July 9, from 10am – 5pm. Click here to buy tickets benefiting Children’s Harbor. 

Country Living Lake House of the Year
321 Paddock Point
Russell Lands On Lake Martin
Alexander City, Alabama


This vintage Konya is from Central Anatolia, circa 1930s, and is also available for purchase in our showroom. 4.3′ x 6.6′, $1500. Konya is a village in Central Anatolia where designs are passed down through the women in the family, from generation to generation. You will see lots of design similarities in rugs from this region despite their varied ages. Some of the oldest known carpets of the Islamic world were hand-woven in Konya, and it is considered one of the most important weaving centers or regions in all of history. Photo credit Brian Woodcock.


This vintage Oushak rug is from Central Anatolia, circa 1930. The weaving traditions of this area date back thousands of years, and these skills are passed down through the generations. Comprised of thousands of tiny Oushak knots, the combination of superb fibers from this region and the skill that goes into each perfect knot ensure its durability and longevity through generations, even in high traffic areas. This rug is also available for purchase in our showroom, measuring 4.5′ x 6.2′ and $2400. Photo credit Brian Woodcock.


The runner featured in front of the fireplace is an antique Kurdish rug circa 1890 and is also available for purchase in our showroom. This antique rug is 4.4′ x 13.6′ and is $8500. We have a variety of runners and Kellighies in our Birmingham, Alabama showroom and are happy to help you find the perfect piece for any space. Photo credit Brian Woodcock.

This vintage Oushak is from Central Anatolia circa 1930 and has a mellowness of color created by time but also the finishing processes that are signature to Turkish rugs. When a rug is cut off the loom, it is taken to a courtyard in the Turkish countryside to lay under the sun in humid conditions, being watched meticulously as the colors soften and a lustrous patina develops.  This rug is also available for purchase in our showroom, measuring 5′ x 8.10′ and is $3200. Photo credit Brian Woodcock.

The  video above features one of our vintage Yastiks from Central Anatolia circa 1930. Yastiks typically measure 1’x2′ or 2’x3′ and were originally created as large floor pillows for personal use.  These small rugs have a lot of artistic license, combined with symbols or motifs that are specific to certain regions of Central Anatolia. Their small size provides a wide breadth of use: from powder rooms to other small spaces. We have even had clients use them as floor mats in the car. This Yastik and others are available for purchase in our showroom.  This rug measures 1.8′ x 3′ and is $175.

Want to get the look? We have hundreds of one of a kind vintage rugs from room-sized to small Yastiks. Make an appointment or email King’s House Oriental rugs to schedule a viewing.


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