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How to Buy an Oriental Rug

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  1. Know your dealer! This may be the most important step in the entire process. Much of the information available on oriental rugs is either subjective or so explicit that it is hard to decipher. It is very important to seek out a reputable dealer that has been in business for a long time and that will stand behind the products they are selling. You should always be allowed to try the rug in your space before making a purchase.
  2. Have your measurements ready and an idea of how you plan to use the space. We recommend measuring your room wall to wall taking in to account any vents, hearths, etc. This will help to determine the maximum and minimum sizes that you can use. It is very helpful to allow yourself a range to work with since all of the rugs are handmade and sizes vary a great deal. Having an idea of the way the space will be used and the way the furniture will be arranged is also important in determining the size you will need. There are no rules regarding rug size relative to the size of the room but following the traffic patterns and seating arrangements is very important in creating the right feeling. When working on a dining room always measure your table and ideally add a minimum of two feet on either side of the table to allow enough room for your chairs to stay on the rug even when pulled away from the table.
  3. Bring any paint colors, fabrics or wallpaper that you are working with even if they are in a different room of the home or office. If you have other Oriental rugs in the same space or visible from the space it is also helpful to take pictures of the rugs.
  4. Collecting pictures from magazines or books of different rugs that you find appealing in either palette or pattern is helpful in deciphering the types of rugs that you might enjoy. We view Oriental rugs as woven art and therefore much of selecting an Oriental rug is a very personal response to the color, design and texture of the carpet.

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