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Certified Rug Appraisals

USPAP-Certified Rug Appraisals

Heirloom rugs increase in value as they age, so it is very important to have certified appraisals of your Oriental rugs to identify the origin, age and value of each rug. A current certified appraisal is essential for insurance and estate purposes.

“You can add value to something if it has an interesting past.” – Christin Terrell

King’s House Oriental Rugs offers USPAP certified appraisals paired with a rare expertise in Oriental rugs, creating appraisals of the utmost integrity. USPAP certified appraisals are widely recognized by the IRS and the United States court system as a standard guideline practice for appraisals.

We are happy to appraise any antique or new Oriental rug from anywhere in the country. We can begin this process when you initially email us photographs of the rug, along with dimensions and any original documentation you may have.
We are able to accurately appraise your rug either in person or via email and photographs, both of which are USPAP certified. For more information on certified rug appraisals, please call 205.244.1933 or email us.

Christin Terrell, King’s House owner, certified appraiser and rug historian, has written several blog posts on the topic of appraisals:

  1. How to determine the value of an Oriental rug
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  3. For interested buyers who want to know more: Recommended Reading

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