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Walk-in clients are always welcome, however we highly recommend making an appointment for the most personalized experience at King’s House. We would love to talk to you about your inspiration and what you’re searching for so we can prepare a unique selection to privately view in our showroom. Join us for coffee or champagne as we search for your perfect piece.
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It’s important to know the ideal size of a rug for any given room. We offer complimentary on site measurements to all our clients. Contact us for details.


We encourage clients to take rugs out on approval. We want you to see the rug in its space, how the light plays on it, how it feels beneath your feet. We want you to know without a doubt it’s the one. Approvals are offered to clients located anywhere in the country; please inquire for details.


To ensure safe delivery and proper installation of your rug, our team can personally deliver and install any of our rugs and carpets for clients across the country.


If you are searching for a piece that we do not currently have in our inventory, we will find it. With private sources around the world and quarterly buying trips to Turkey and Morocco, as well as custom rug services, we are thrilled to take on a quest to find your carpet.


Whether you are designing for a specific space or have the exact picture of a rug in mind, we are able to design and create custom rugs to achieve the proper size, shape and motif for your home. From the inspiration and design phase to the execution and weaving of the rugs in Central Anatolia and Nepal, King’s House is prepared to create a truly custom rug and experience for our clients with collaborative meetings, progress photos from our workshops, the finished rug and an heirloom book to document the process for you and future generations. Read more about our custom rug process >


We love to help clients select a carpet or tapestry and design signature furniture for their spaces, including Oushak adorned headboards, benches, ottomans and more. We work closely with clients and a local furniture maker to create these unique pieces. For more information, please contact Christin.


Whether you are moving or redecorating, If at any point you would like to upgrade to another rug you are welcome to trade in your antique King’s House rug for credit towards another piece at any time. If the rug is in the same condition as the time of purchase, we offer full credit for its original purchase price.



An appraisal is necessary to identify a rug’s origin, age and value. This is essential for insurance and estate purposes as many Oriental rugs increase in value as they age. King’s House Oriental Rugs offers both USPAP certified appraisals paired with rare expertise in Oriental rugs, creating appraisals of the utmost integrity. We welcome inquiries from across the country. USPAP certified appraisals are widely recognized by the IRS and U.S. court system as a standard guideline practice for appraisals. Read more about appraisals on our blog:


Whether your rug has suffered normal wear and tear or a larger offense, we are able to repair the piece to its original beauty. Our in house master weaver and restoration expert, Ali learned the trade as a child in Iran and has been masterfully restoring pieces for over 45 years. Ali is the definitive expert that we are proud to work with in our showroom. Larger restoration projects are sent to our master weavers in Turkey for museum quality restoration. Read more about rug repair and restoration, our master weaver Ali and the museum quality restoration process in collaboration with our weavers in Turkey >


Pets, wine, water damage or simply dust accumulation over the years are among the tops reasons for having your rug cleaned. Our specialists are able to clean your Oriental carpet of any age and any condition using the best method for the piece and its needs. We do recommend a standard cleaning once every 1-3 years for general maintenance, depending on the amount of traffic. Read more about our specialty cleaning methods >

“You know you’re in good hands when Christin Terrell looks at your rug and immediately identifies it as ‘Persian — northern Iran, possibly 1910, no later than 1920.’ Her depth of knowledge and The King’s House attention to detail is remarkable. They do excellent work and it is a pleasure simply to walk into this attractive gallery.”

Melanie Parker Grinney, Birmingham, AL

For a specialized buying experience, make an appointment to visit our showroom.