Meet the Owners

“Each rug has a story. Immersing yourself in the where, the who, and the why … I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.” – Christin

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About Christin Terrell

“Each rug has a story” is Christin Terrell’s personal motto. She began her career in Oriental rugs, having been deeply influenced by childhood experiences with rugs. Christin, even at a young age was captivated, training herself as a child to spot the differences in dyes and weave constructions. The details, craftsmanship and tradition affected her deeply.

She began traveling directly to the source in an endless quest for these magic carpets. Having taught herself Turkish, she and her husband, Trenton began making regular sourcing trips abroad.

“It was like figuring out a puzzle. I already knew the subtleties of the rugs and their details and processes, but traveling to the source was like a codex of understanding the why, the how and the everything of the rug. Seeing the people who dye by hand, the shepherds who care for the sheep… It gives a vibrant understanding of not just the process, but the people, the history, the tradition.”

While many people look at a rug and see only the vibrant colors, intricate patterns and apparent age and history, Christin sees the beauty and durability of its origins and every pair of hands and bead of sweat that went into making the rug; “Immersing yourself in the where, the who, the why… I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.”

About Claire Drummond

Claire Drummond, King’s House co-owner and resident interiors expert, had an instinctive interest in art from the time she was a child. Her interest in drawing, painting and color was amplified by her mother’s incredible taste that made a lifelong impression on Claire as she began a career in interior design.

With a formal education in interior design from the University of Georgia and experience under the tutelage of established designers, Claire’s own tastes developed around the sophisticated style of balancing the casual and elegant. It is this longevity of timeless design that Claire sees in what a rug offers a room and a family. A rug both defines a room and becomes something to be passed down through the generations; “It taps into that tradition that I fell in love with as I began working in design.”

Like building anything meant to endure time, there must be a strong foundation, and Claire has that innate grasp of what can simply be described as timeless, lasting and impeccably beautiful. Claire loves to work with both designers and private clients, thriving in the cultivation of these often lifelong relationships. “That’s what makes King’s House special; being here in the shop makes the world a little smaller.”