From the Inventory: Elif, a Modern Turkish Oushak

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Elif is a classically influenced take on a modern Oushak. Taking design elements from early 19th century rugs, the color palette is purposefully softer, giving it a freshness. That softness of color with a texture that is so classically antique Oushak, it can be hard to pinpoint this rug as modern.

There is a natural patina to this rug, a sense of having aged over time. You could attribute it to the sunning process, the historical natural dye methods and more than anything, the artistry and expertise that went into each process and each knot.



Rug Details

ORIGIN: Central Anatolia

DIMENSIONS: 12.1' x 16.4'

MATERIALS: Hand-knotted, Hand-spun Turkish Wool, Vegetable Dyes

COST: $18,000

AVAILABILITY: Available now

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